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Cheaper Heroku: how to get automated deployments for 4x less cost

Caprover is an open source Docker management system that has one-click apps, Netdata monitoring, a lovely GUI, and for the purposes of this tutorial, a way of automating your docker deployments but pushing straight to GitHub.

Step 1

Follow the tutorial on getting Caprover installed (takes about 15 min).

Step 2

Get your Docker container from the 1st tutorial on vohzd.com and create a captain-definition file (no file extention). Place this in it;

   "schemaVersion": 2,
   "dockerfilePath": "./Dockerfile"

Step 3

Go to your Caprover dashboard, create a new app (the name will be the subdomain).

Step 4

Click the deployment tab, and scroll down to the Deploy from GitHub section and put in your GitHub repo details. Save and you'll get a long webhook URL.

Step 5

Go to your repo in GH > Settings > Webhooks > Paste in the URL.

Step 6

In caprover, if it doesn't automatically start building, click "Force build".

Step 7

Wait a bit, then your app should be live on the subdomain given!

Step 8

Push a change to your GH repo, and watch it auto-build! Magic!