All Silk Mastering


Created this for a buddy of mine who runs his own recording studio and mixing service.

Ed works crazy hard so if you're a musician who needs some recording help give him a shout!

  • Responsive Single Page App built with NuxtJS
  • Instagram and Soundcloud feeds
  • Upload and book mixes with Stripe Checkout
  • Custom admin dashboard for managing orders, customers, and messages.

Skate Locate


A realtime map of skateparks and skatespots around the world.

Add, view, and filter skateparks in your area of interest.

Built with VueJS and mostly in ES6/7. Is completely realtime with Firebase on the backend, which features websockets, Cloudinary for images, Leaflet/Mapbox for the map engine.

  • 100% Javascript on front and back end.
  • Firebase for data storage and websocket binding
  • VueJS at the view layer, with Vuex managing the application state.
  • Built and Bundled with Webpack3.